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Dear List Members,
This new publication may be of interest to MARMAMers.
Whales and Dolphins
Cognition, Culture, Conservation and Human Perceptions
Edited By Philippa Brakes and Mark Peter Simmonds
This is a must have for every keen marine mammal enthusiast and scholar.
Via a series of concise chapters, in three carefully themed sections, this innovative and very readable book brings together experts in cetacean research and allied topics, to provide authoritative descriptions of our current knowledge of the complex behaviour and social organization of whales and dolphins.
This information is considered in the context of how different human cultures from around the world view cetaceans and their protection, including current attitudes to whaling.
In its concluding section, the authors and editors consider how the new information on issues such as cetacean intelligence, culture and the ability to suffer, warrants a significant shift in global perceptions of this group of animals and how these changes might be facilitated to improve conservation and welfare approaches.
Contributors include Hal Whitehead, Lori Marino, Stuart Harrop, Richard Cowan (previously the UK Commissioner to the IWC), Miguel Iniguez, Erich Hoyt and many other significant figures in the sphere of marine mammal conservation and management.
1. Why Whales, Why Now?

Whales in Human Cultures

2. Impressions: Whales and Human Relationships in Myth, Tradition, and Law

3. Whales of the Pacific

4. Whales in Latin America

5. Whales and the USA

6. Whales in the Balance: To Touch or To Kill? A View of Caribbean Attitudes toward Whales

7. The British and the Whales

8. Whales in Norway

9. Of Whales, Whaling and Whale Watching in Japan: a Conversation
10. A Contemporary View of the International Whaling Commission

The Nature of Whales and Dolphins

11. The Nature of Whales and Dolphins

12. Brain Structure and Intelligence in Cetaceans

13. Communication

14. Lessons from Dolphins

15. Highly Interactive Behaviour of Inquisitive Dwarf Minke Whales.
16. The Cultures of Whales and Dolphins

Part III
New Insights; New Challenges

17. Whales and Dolphins on a Rapidly Changing Planet

18. From Conservation to Protection: Charting a New Conservation Ethic for Cetaceans

19. What is it Like to be a Dolphin?

20. Thinking Whales and Dolphins

21. Acknowledgements

22. Authors' Biographies
Here is what Jane Goodall, who provided a preface for the book, says about it: 'Whales and Dolphin: Cognition, Culture, Conservation and Human Perceptions is a very important book. It makes a compelling case for scientists, conservationists and animal welfare groups to combine to develop a new approach to the conservation of cetaceans.'
Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE, Founder - the Jane Goodall Institute (Arlington, VA, USA), UN Messenger of Peace (www.janegoodall.org)<http://www.janegoodall.org/>
Ordering information.
Available from Amazon and, in the UK, the WDCS online store.


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