[MARMAM] Survey: Rate Ecosystem Health Research Priorities for Aleutian Islands

Rachael Wadsworth rwadsworth at alaska.edu
Wed Jul 20 12:33:19 PDT 2011

Dear MarMam community,

This email is being sent to people that may have an interest in the marine
ecosystem of the Aleutian Islands in southwest Alaska.  We apologize if you
have already received this email through another email distribution list.
This is an opportunity to rate ocean research priorities for Ecosystem
Health in the Aleutian Island Region.  Research priorities were suggested by
stakeholders in an initial scoping process for an Aleutian Island Regional
Marine Research Plan.  Now, as the project is finalized, researchers are
requesting participation from a broad range of interest groups to help
assign importance scores to research categories and specific
research/information projects.

Your survey participation provides valuable feedback that could be used as a
foundation for future ecosystem-based management plans.  Please
respond by *July
29, 2011*.

Follow the link below, or copy/past the URL into your browser (please allow
for approximately 30 minutes to complete this survey):


Please contact the researchers below if you have questions regarding this


Rachael Wadsworth (Fisheries Graduate Student, University of Alaska
Fairbanks Fisheries Division, rwadsworth at alaska.edu)

Dr. Keith Criddle (Ted Stevens Distinguished Professor of Marine
Policy, University of Alaska Fairbanks Fisheries Division,
kcriddle at sfos.uaf.edu)
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