[MARMAM] Marine Mammal Research Internship in Hawaii

Robert Rankin robertrankin at pacificwhale.org
Wed Jul 13 23:50:58 PDT 2011

We are seeking performance-driven individuals for 4-6 month
internships, during Fall 2011 & Winter 2012. Interns will work 35 hrs
per week on a fixed schedule. The internship position is self-funded
and will be based on Maui, Hawaii.

Responsibilities include supporting a variety of research projects
focusing on marine mammals. Primary responsibility will be office work
and data entry to support data analysis efforts and publications. Each
intern will be assigned to a specific project (with ancillary duties
supporting field projects) according to skill set and availability.
There will be some field work required as well. Some of the projects

 - Matching individual whales and to a large photo-ID catalogue of
Hawaii and Australia whales,
 - Organizing and summarizing long-term marine mammals datasets,
 - Assisting in data analysis of ecological and oceanographic data,
 - Staffing a shore-based observation station to study whale behaviour,
 - Occasionally, interns will also assist the staff in other field
projects as the need arises.

Qualifications: a BS degree with experience in marine-related
topics.Possess a mixture of experience in both field work and
data-handling. Willingness to learn, be punctual, spend long hours in
front of the computer. Willingness to spend long hours outdoors in the
sun and wind. Superior organizational skills, self-direction and an
eye for details. Excellent knowledge of MS Office software and data
entry skills. Willingness to live on Maui at own expense for a period
of time (housing is not provided, but interns may have the option of
living in shared-dormitory quarters for an affordable price). A car
while on the island is highly recommended as public transportation is

Applicants with little biology or marine expertise, but who possess
outstanding skills in programming, statistical analysis, Geographic
Information Systems, and databases will also be welcomed.

Closing Date: 15 Aug 2011

Interested applicants should send a cover letter, resume and the names
of three references to Dr. Daniela Maldini, at
researchdirector at pacificwhale.org


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