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Whalewatcher Journal Killer Whale Issue

Dear Marmam subscribers,

The American Cetacean Society is proud to announce the full-color  
special killer whale issue of our ACS Whalewatcher journal (2011,  
Volume 40, No. 1). This issue is completely dedicated to killer  
whales. It is a thorough summary of the history of modern killer whale  
research, descriptions of the most significant findings unearthed  
along the way, and recent updates on what is currently known about  
killer whales. Richly illustrated with some never-before published  
photos, this issue also introduces two new common names for killer  
whale ecotypes for the first time.

All of us at ACS are extremely grateful for Robert Pitman, who  
graciously accepted our invitation to serve as our guest editor. We  
also like to thank all authors, photographers, and illustrators who  
have contributed to this magnificent publication.

Whalewatcher, journal of the American Cetacean Society, Volume 40, No.  

Killer Whale: The Top, Top Predator

In this issue:

  - An Introduction to the World’s Premier Predator - by R. L. Pitman

- How Do We Study Killer Whales? – by J. Durban and V. Deecke

- Killer Whales of the Pacific Northwest Coast: From Pest to Paragon –  
J. K. B. Ford

- Killer Whales in Alaskan Waters – by C. Matkin and J. Durban

- North Atlantic Killer Whales – by A. Foote

- Crozet Killer Whales: A Remote but Changing Environment – by C.  
Guinet and P. Tixier

- Centerfold Plate of known Killer Whales Ecotypes and Forms –  
illustrated by U. Gorter

- Antarctic Killer Whales: Top of the Food Chain at the Bottom of the  
World – by R. L. Pitman

- Killer Whales of California – by A. Schulman-Janiger, N. Black, and  
R. Ternullo

- Killer Whale Evolution: Ecotypes, Species, Oh My! – L. Barrett-Lennard

- Predators, Prey, and Play: Killer Whales and Other Marine Mammals –  
by R. W. Baird

- Killer Whale Conservation: The Perils of Life at the Top of the Food  
Chain – by L. Barrett-Lennard and K. Heise

And more…

To order you copy:

Contact Kaye Reznick, American Cetacean Society, business manager.

Email: acsoffice at acsonline.org

Call: (310) 548-6279

Price: $ 11.00 within the U.S. $18 International (includes shipping &  

Have your credit card number ready if you're calling.

Or better yet, become an ACS member today!

Note: We still have copies of our beaked whale, Phocoenid, and  
Cetaceans & Climate Change issues, available at $ 6.00 within the U.S.  
$11 International (incl. shipping & handling).

Regards, Uko Gorter and Kaye Reznick (co-editors)

American Cetacean Society

P.O. Box 1391

San Pedro, CA 90733-1391

(310) 548-6279


Cheryl McCormick, Ph.D., Executive Director
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