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Dear List Members

I am producing a documentary film about plastic waste in the oceans, how it is affecting marine wildlife, entering the food chain and ultimately effecting human health.  It is a challenge telling a story about plastic pollution and making it interesting for a wide audience so one of the ways we are doing this is to tell the story through some of the oceans' most charismatic wildlife.  We have already filmed Blue whales off the southern coast of Sri Lanka and are heading to the Med next week to do more filming of cetaceans, working with the scientists there.

One of the sequences we wish to film, and one that would drive the point home more than any narrative, would be filming a stranded whale that has ingested plastic.  We keep hearing about them and indeed there was one in Normandy this week, but we need to be able to mobilise a cameraman in time.  We do have access to crews around the world and it is highly likely we could have someone there in time to film the process and witness the very obvious cause of death.

Would it be possible, through this network, to be contacted when a standing first happens?

The film, Plastic Oceans - working title - will be shown in cinemas in early 2013 and after that on global TV networks .  We are making it for the Plastic Oceans Foundation, which is a UK registered charity, all of the royalties etc will go to the Foundation and be used to fund further research, education and public awareness.  If you are interested, please see our website  www.plasticoceans.org

I can be contacted by email  joruxton at gmail.com  or by phone on +44 7818 000863.

Thanks very much for any help you can offer us.


Jo Ruxton
Future Planet Foilms
Plastic Oceans (Working Titiel)

+44 7818 000863

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