[MARMAM] Sea Lion Observers Needed Camas, WA

Jack Loranger Loranger at saw.net
Tue Jan 18 13:15:40 PST 2011

I am the agent for the Camas River's Edge Homeowner's Association (HOA).
   The HOA recently got permits in place to drive piling for a community 
dock on the Columbia River.
One of the conditions is to have three Stellar Sea Lion Observers during 
pile driving.
The project must happen before Feb 15th 2011, so I need a quick response 
if possible.
Minimum qualifications are:

Attachment A. Minimum Qualifications for Marine Mammal Observers
1. Visual acuity in both eyes (correction is permissible) sufficient for 
discernment of moving
targets at the water's surface with ability to estimate target size and 
distance. Use of binoculars may be
necessary to correctly identify the target.
2. Advanced education in biological science, wildlife management, 
mammalogy or related fields
(Bachelor's degree or higher is preferred).
3. Experience and ability to conduct field observations and collect data 
according to assigned
protocols (this may include academic experience).
4. Experience or training in the field identification of marine mammals 
(cetaceans and pinnipeds).
5. Sufficient training, orientation or experience with vessel operation 
and pile driving operations to
provide for personal safety during observations. All vessel operators 
will possess, on their person, a WA
boater education card.
6. Writing skills sufficient to prepare a report of observations that 
would include such information
as the number, type, and location of marine mammals observed; the 
behavior of marine mammals in the
project area during construction, dates and times when observations and 
in-water construction activities
were conducted; dates and times when in-water construction activities 
were suspended to avoid incidental
harassment by disturbance from construction noise; etc.
7. Ability to communicate orally, by radio or in person, with project 
personnel to provide real time
information on marine mammals observed in the area, as necessary.

Anyone qualified and interested can contact me for the 3 page document 
that needs to be followed.
A proposal from a team of three would be preferred, individual responses 
gladly accepted.

Thanks for allowing my posting.

Jack Loranger, Shoreline Permit Procurement,   loranger at saw.net

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