[MARMAM] Photos of female large whale genitals

Alexandros Frantzis afrantzis at otenet.gr
Sun Jan 23 12:22:39 PST 2011

Dear all,

We are looking for photos or good drawings of the external view of 
female genitals of stranded large whales, when the genital slit is 
"naturally" opened after the stranding. We are particularly interested 
in sperm whales, but other large whale species may be useful as well. We 
would like to have such material only for visual comparisons with our 
own material from Greece.

It is astonishing how many photos can be found in the internet for male 
whale genitals, but not a single for females.

If anyone can provide a copy of a relevant reference or specific pages 
of it with photos or drawings (e.g. Matthews L. H. 1938,// The /Sperm 
Whale/, Physeter catodon. Discovery Rep., 17, 93), this would also be a 
great help.

Thanks a lot in advance,

PS: You can keep this e-mail in your collection of funny requests that 
cetologists may have!  :-)


Dr. Alexandros Frantzis
Scientific director
Pelagos Cetacean Research Institute
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Tel.: +30-210-8960108
e-mail: afrantzis at otenet.gr
website: http://www.pelagosinstitute.gr

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