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We are proud to present our first and recent publication

Last week, Projecte NINAM  presented the First Cetacean guide of the Mediterranean Sea, in catalan language. 


Lopez i Larrosa, A. & Gonzalez i Potrony, G.; Guia dels Cetacis del Parc Natural de Cap de Creus: Manual d'albirament i bones pràctiques marineres per a la protecció dels Cetacis a Catalunya (Guide of Cetaceans of the Natural Park of Cape Creus: Handbook of sightings and  seamanship good practices to protect Cetaceans in Catalonia). EBE Eds. Figueres (Girona), 2010.


The result of 6 campaigns, 23.000 miles, and thousands of desk hours, of Projecte NINAM's staff. The Guide provides information about the cetaceans that people can find in Mediterranean Sea, specifically at the Cape Creus Natural Park  (included in the NATURA 2000 network), at the north east of the Iberian Peninsula, near the French border. The area sustains a very large recreational boat fleet, especially in the  summer. The aim is to give, in an accessible language, information about the cetaceans, and how to proceed during the sighting. Also includes information about the Spanish cetacean protection laws. 

The edition is in  chlorine free  paper, from controlled logging.

Soybean ink. 

Uses printers without volatile solvents. 

Nine full colour drawings from Toni Llobet.

Large full colour photos 

Projecte NINAM is the only permanent field based platform for the study of cetaceans and seabirds in the North of Catalonian country, near the French border. Operating since 2005 on the Natural Park of Cape of Creus, Projecte NINAM has developed several annual campaigns focussed on the fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus) pass and Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) photo ID catalogue. Projecte Ninam has been working in the elaboration of several rapports on other cetacean presence for the authorities of the Natural Park. Projecte NINAM is working, as well, with the Catalonian Government: Fauna Service of the Environment Dept. controlling the Cape of Creus/Roses Bay I.B.A. (Hydrobates pelagicus, Puffinus yelkouan, Puffinus mauretanicus, Calonectris diomedea and Phalacrocorax aristotelis), and the CADS (Assessor Committee for the Sustainable Development). Since the beginning, the project has included the collaboration of most of the Catalan Universities: U. of Barcelona, Autonomous University of Barcelona and U. of Girona, to offer the possibility for students to practice in field work at sea, developing their own projects or involved in a cetacean research. Since 2010 Projecte NINAM is member of ACCOBAMS. The next step will be the publication of their results and to be able to collaborate with foreign scientists.

We have been accepted to present our project in the ECS congress, next March at Cadiz.

Now, this guide will not be for free of charge, to be able to support the cost of the editing.

We are working to re-edit the  Spanish and English versions.

Thanks to you all

Best regards


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