[MARMAM] orca predation on other whales

L.A. Holmes la at otterworks.biz
Mon Jan 10 18:27:22 PST 2011

Dear Marmamers,
I am looking for articles, data and observations of killer whales
attacking other whales and/or eating whale carcasses. In the summer of
2008, while engaged in killer whale research for North Gulf Oceanic
Society, we observed killer whales attacking adult humpback whales and
later feeding on carcasses.   I am collecting articles as
background/research for a paper on this event and have attained the
items one can access for free on the web.  If you have other relevant
data, or wish to discuss such incidents please contact la at otterworks.biz
(If you responded to this request earlier, your correspondence was lost
due to a computer backup problem - please resend.)
Thank you,
L.A. Holmes
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