[MARMAM] Announcing The Dolphin and Whale Society/Magazine

Randall Eaton randalllewiseaton at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 09:25:15 PST 2011

The Dolphin and Whale Society explores and celebrates our connection
with whales and dolphins. Its research mission includes
interspecies communication, cetaceans in ancient knowledge and
indigenous wisdom, and enhancement of cetacean and oceanic
conservation. Visit: www.dolphinandwhale.org.

Published January 2011, The Dolphin and Whale Magazine features
popular science articles, personal stories, interviews, news, video
clips, photos, art, poetry and myths that speak to the human
connection with cetaceans across time, space and cultures. We'll share
the details of human relationships and interactions with dolphins and
whales including accounts of people saving whales and whales saving

The magazine reports significant discoveries about cetacean behavior,
intelligence, social life, ecology, interspecies communication and
conservation. We'll present perspectives on issues ranging from
whaling to the pros and cons of cetaceans in captivity and
deterioration of marine environments. There are reviews of books,
films and videos, and whale tales for kids, too.

Published quarterly online to member-subscribers of The Dolphin and
Whale Society. The inaugural issue is available for examination at our
website (www.dolphinandwhale.org).  Subsequent issues are available to
members for $25/year.

We welcome MARMAM subscribers to contribute popularized versions of
commentary, articles, photo essays, notes, news and reviews. Our next
issue features the pros and cons of whale-watching and captivity. The
deadline for submission is February 1.

Randall L. Eaton, Ph.D., Director and Editor

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