[MARMAM] Request for killer whale tissue samples (Robert Pitman)

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Thu Jan 6 12:50:58 PST 2011

I'm re-posting this for Bob with my correct email address (below).
Phil Morin

On Jan 6, 2011, at 8:38 AM, Robert.Pitman wrote:

We are about to embark on a second round of killer whale phylogenetic 
analyses on a global scale (see Morin et al. 2010. Complete 
mitochondrial genome analysis of killer whales (/Orcinus orca/) 
indicates multiple species. Genome Research 20:908-916.), and we want to 
expand our geographical coverage. To that end, we are interested in 
obtaining skin biopsy samples from killer whales from just about 
anywhere around the world but especially from lower latitudes or 
anywhere in the Indian Ocean. We are primarily interested in soft tissue 
samples but we can work with teeth samples from poorly represented 
areas. The soft tissue samples (primarily skin) should be either frozen, 
or preserved in either alcohol or a DMSO solution (no formalin). If you 
have, or know of, killer whale tissue samples that could be made 
available for this project please contact: phillip.morin at noaa.gov 
<mailto:phillip.morin at noaa.gov>

Thank you - Bob Pitman

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