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Position Available

Database and Intern Coordinator

The Whale Center of New England, Gloucester MA


The Whale Center of New England, Gloucester, MA, is looking for a permanent,
full-time employee to coordinate its data files, photo-identification
catalogs, and internship program. Full details on the organization and its
programs can be found on our web site at www.whalecenter.org
<http://www.whalecenter.org/> .  The position is open immediately, and will
be filled as quickly as possible by an appropriate candidate.


Database manager duties include oversight of the input and storage of all
Whale Center data on marine mammals, including data on vessel effort,
sightings, behavior, and associated variables.  Data are collected off of
whale watch vessels, dedicated research vessels, and fast ferries with
dedicated observers on board.  The Database Manager will insure through
QA/QC that data are accurately entered into Microsoft Access and similar
data storage files in a timely manner by field observers, and that data are
available for analysis by Whale Center staff and other collaborative groups
as required.


Photo-identification Catalog Curator duties include maintenance and upkeep
of photographic catalogs of individually identified humpback, fin, right,
and sei whales; oversight of matching process to identify individuals seen
on both whale watch and dedicated research cruises; correspondence and
collaboration with related regional and oceanic research groups and catalogs
for appropriate data sharing.


Internship Coordinator duties include programmatic oversight of Whale Center
interns.  Full details on the internship are provided at
http://whalecenter.org/research-whales/whale-center-internships.html.  The
intern coordinator is responsible for advertising for, recruiting, and
selecting interns; training interns in all programmatic aspects of their
internship; overseeing their field data collection, refinement, and analysis
duties; and holding regular seminar meetings to discuss current literature.


Field data collection duties include time aboard both commercial whale watch
and dedicated research vessels.  Our large whale field season runs from
April to October, and includes considerable time observing humpback, fin,
and other large whales from both platforms.  Duties of the staff person will
include supervising data collection from our own research vessel; acting as
a naturalist and data collection coordinator aboard whale watch vessels out
of Gloucester and Boston, MA; and undertaking collaborative research cruises
on an as-needed basis.  A North Atlantic right whale shipboard field season
runs from mid-October to mid-December.  Duties of the staff person will
include assistance and/or coordination of cruises according to pre-set
protocols for data collection.


Other organizational duties of the position include responses to beachcast
or stranded marine mammals, attending related professional workshops and
conferences, representing The Whale Center on policy-related boards as
necessary, contributing articles to our quarterly membership newsletter, and
other related duties as needed. 


The successful candidate should have at least a Bachelor's degree in
Biology, Marine Science, or a related discipline; some experience working in
the field with cetacean observation and photo-identification; be a
self-motivated, independent hard worker; be detail-oriented; and be enthused
about mentoring interns starting in the field.


The position is full time and comes with a full benefit package and paid
vacation.  Salary is commensurate with academic training and experience, in
the low to mid- $30,000 range.


Applicants should submit a letter of interest, C.V., and three references to
Mason Weinrich, Executive Director and Chief Scientist, at
mason at whalecenter.org.  A full job description is available upon request.
You may also e-mail with any questions about the position that you may have.



Mason Weinrich

mason at whalecenter.org

Whale Center of New England



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