[MARMAM] Unusually detailed fraud targets scientists

Michael Stocker mstocker at ocr.org
Wed Jan 5 00:37:03 PST 2011

Dear MARMAM subscribers,


I recently received a solicitation to submit an abstract for an
environmental science conference in London with the offer of their covering
my expenses and an honorarium. While I had not previously heard of the
conference and there was no brochure, the wording and articulation read as a
legitimate event.


A couple of weeks later my abstract was accepted and I was instructed to
contact their bank to transfer the funds into my account to get the ball
rolling. The wording of this second missive had some subtle irregularities
and the bank contact address seemed suspicious, so I contacted the bank
directly and found the operation to be fraudulent.


Please be advised that this scam may be making the rounds in our community. 


Michael Stocker

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