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Andy Read aread at duke.edu
Fri Feb 25 09:54:56 PST 2011

Research Assistant Positions at Duke University

Duke University is seeking potential applicants for two full-time  
research assistants to conduct surveys for marine mammals and sea  
turtles along the east coast of the United States. The primary duties  
of both positions will be to collect information on the identity,  
movement, distribution and residency patterns of marine mammals using  
photo-identification and biopsy sampling techniques.  Both observers  
will also participate in aerial and ship-board line-transect surveys.   
Field work will commence in May 2011, following a period of training,  
and will be conducted year-round from Cape Hatteras, North Carolina to  
northeastern Florida. These positions will be based at Duke University  
Marine Laboratory in Beaufort, NC. Details on duties, experience  
required and desirable qualifications are outlined below.

Duties:  Observers will collect visual, acoustic and photographic data  
on the distribution, behavior and ecology of marine mammals and sea  
turtles. The observers will participate in surveys aboard chartered  
aircraft and research vessels in offshore waters (>50 km). It will be  
necessary to travel to field sites and spend up to a week at a time at  
sea living aboard research vessels. The observers will also assist in  
the preparation of reports and maintain an archive of sightings,  
acoustic recordings and photo-identification data.

Experience: A bachelor’s degree in a related field is required and a  
Masters degree is preferable.  Applicants must possess a valid  
driver's license. Applicants should have at least three years of  
experience in collecting and processing ecological data on marine  
mammal ecology and biology.

Desirable Qualifications:  The following experience is highly  
desirable: photo-identification and biopsy sampling; small boat  
handling; maintenance of photo-identification catalogs; passive  
acoustic monitoring; aerial and/or ship-board line-transect surveys;  
proficiency with MS Access and/or GIS software. Current aircraft  
emergency egress certification is preferable; without this  
certification, applicants must pass an emergency egress training  
course provided by the employer.

If interested, please submit a cover letter and your resume to  
Jennifer Dunn (jennifer.dunn at duke.edu) by March 15.

Andrew J. Read

Rachel Carson Associate Professor of Marine Conservation Biology
Division of Marine Science and Conservation
Nicholas School of the Environment
Duke University Marine Laboratory
135 Duke Marine Lab Road
Beaufort, NC 28516
Phone: 252-504-7590

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