[MARMAM] Two new books and a PhD thesis about about marine mammals in Greenland

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Two books and one PhD thesis are now available:
1. Erik W Born, Anna Heilmann, Len Kielsen Holm  and Kristin Laidre (2011) Polar bears in Northwest Greenland: an interview survey about the catch and the climate. 

This volume presents the results of an interview survey on the catch of polar bears in Northwest Greenland between 1952 and 2005. The information provided by experienced polar bear hunters offers a detailed and unique account of polar bear catch, polar bear biology, climate change, and the effect of these changes on both the species and the subsistence hunt.
Available on-line at: http://www.mtp.hum.ku.dk/details.asp?eln=202901
2. Aqqalu Rosing-Asvid (2011) Seals of Greenland
Seals play a central role in everyday life in the Greenland of today. Indeed, the Greenlandic seal harvest is bigger than ever. Around 150,000 seals are caught annually and seal meat is an important resource for much of the population. The book has been written as a popular scientific presentation. It describes some of the seals' common features, but focuses on the specialisations which have given the various species their distinctive characteristics and roles in the ecosystem. (from http://www.natur.gl/index.php?id=1018&L=3&contUid=0#c2497 )
Available on-ine at: http://www.atuagkat.com/
3. Malene Simon (2010) The sounds of whales and their food: baleen whales, their foraging behaviour, ecology and habitat use in an arctic habitat
Using a variety of techniques that include D-TAGs, surveys, photo ID and Passive acoustic monitoring (PAM), Malene and collaborators looked at baleen whales in general and humpback, bowhead and fin whale in particular. More info and free download here:  http://www.natur.gl/index.php?id=1019&L=3&contUid=0#c2538
All best,
Fernando Ugarte
Greenland Institute of Natural Ressources (www.natur.gl)
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