[MARMAM] stranding of two Cuvier's BW in Sicily

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Sun Feb 20 06:50:36 PST 2011

Dear All,

this is an update on the live stranding of two
Cuvier’s beaked whales (Ziphius
cavirostris) that occurred in Sicily (Italy) a few days ago.

The two specimens were found stranded alive on
the 8th of February and immediately released at sea by the local
Coast Guard. The day after, one of them stranded again in the same place and it
was released with the help of a local rescue team.

We are attaching a detailed description of the
facts as reported by Dr. Antonino Barlotta, of the Fondo Siciliano per la
Natura (Sicily Wildlife Found). Dr. Barlotta and his rescue team acted on the

In the same period
and in the same area there was a military naval exercise involving submarines going
on (Proud Manta:


We don’t have more
info about this.


Strandings of Cuvier’s beaked whales are quite
common along the coasts of Sicily. To have a view of the stranding data in
Italy you can search in our National Stranding on-line DataBase (http://mammiferimarini.unipv.it)   or you
can contact one of us for further details.


Michela Podestà – Museum of Natural History of
Milan (michela_podesta at hotmail.com; michela.podesta at comune.milano.it)

Maristella Giurisato and Bruno Cozzi – Department
of Experimental Veterinary Science, University of Padova (maristella.giurisato at unipd.it
and bruno.cozzi at unipd.it) 

Sandro Mazzariol – Department of Public Health,
Comparative Pathology and Veterinary Hygiene, University of Padova (sandro.mazzariol at unipd.it)

dr. Michela Podesta' 


Vertebrate Zoology Dept. 

Museo di Storia Naturale di Milano 

corso Venezia 55 - 20121 Milano - Italy 

tel. +39 0288463324 - +39 0288463280 

fax +39 0288463281


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