[MARMAM] Deadline extension: MMO/PSO/MMSO/PAM vacancy, Scotland, UK

Rebecca Thompson r.thompson at oceanscienceconsulting.com
Mon Feb 14 04:31:08 PST 2011

Dear all,


Due to the overwhelming response to our recent advertisement for 
traineeships, contract and full-time positions (see below), we will now 
be conducting interviews until 18 March, possibly longer. The interview 
process will require significantly more resources on our part than 
originally anticipated, and we encourage all those deterred by the 
previous short deadline to apply, so that the most deserving candidates 
are considered.

OSC invites applications for various MMO/PSO/MMSO/PAM and SAS (Seabirds 
At-Sea, or equivalent seabird surveillance and monitoring) positions 
worldwide, including contract work, traineeships, and full-time 
positions. All applicants must have made necessary enquiries (e.g. 
sought advice from JNCC-approved instructors) and familiarised 
themselves with general offshore working requirements (e.g. 12-hour 
shifts, 7 days per week, typically 5-6 week crew-rotations), be prepared 
to indicate a willingness to maintain flexibility, and address each of 
the following points where relevant to respective positions:

1.Undergraduate science-based degree to minimum grade of lower second 
class (2:2), or equivalent for overseas candidates;

2.Ability to identify all European marine mammals and/or bird species;

3.Copies of up-to-date CV in Word format (2003 or earlier version, not 
exceeding two pages);

4.Copies of valid passport(s) and any visas;

5.Copies of MMO/PSO/MMSO/PAM and SAS (or equivalent) certificates;

6.Copies of up-to-date Pan-European offshore medical certificates (to 
simplify administration, please separately and clearly state expiry 
dates on your CV);

7.Copies of up-to-date Pan-European offshore survival certificates (to 
simplify administration, please separately and clearly state expiry 
dates on your CV);

8.Field experience (including duration) in respective roles;

9.Ability to install basic operating system and PAM (e.g. PAMGUARD and 
IFAW) software onto new laptops, set up sound cards, and configure PAM 
with hydrophone array and portable GPS unit or with vessel's NMEA 
(satellite) comms;

10.Copies of full driving licence and specify whether clean;

11.Previous contract or employment rates;

12.Previous employer's contact details.

  Candidates applying for traineeships are not expected to address all 
of the above, but must provide a cogent case for their consideration. 
Priority will be given to candidates who can answer the above points 
succinctly with few or no questions. Due to popularity of these 
advertisements, we cannot provide careers advice and any such enquiries 
will be ignored.

All certificates should be provided in JPEG format and resized to a 
sensible resolution that can easily be emailed, yet clearly legible. 
PDFs are acceptable, but not desirable -- note point 3, which specifies 
requirement for Word 2003 format or earlier.

For certain jobs, work will be awarded preferentially to UK-based 
applicants; however, in these circumstances, equal consideration will 
also apply to any overseas domiciled applicants who can provide a 
temporary UK residence (e.g. friends or family) and arrange/fund their 
own transportation to/from our UK offices when required - CVs for such 
applications should state both overseas and UK temporary addresses.

Successful applicants will be invited for interviews commencing Monday 
14 February 2011 in Dunbar, Scotland, UK.

In order to apply, send a CV and appropriate accompanying documents to 
Rebecca Thompson, Operations Co-ordinator: rt at osc.co.uk


Rebecca Thompson

Rebecca Thompson
Operations Co-ordinator
OSC Limited
Ocean House
4 Brewery Lane
Belhaven, Dunbar
East Lothian, Scotland
EH42 1PD
W: www.osc.co.uk

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