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Wed Feb 9 10:57:20 PST 2011

Second and Final MARMAM Announcement! Spend several lovely weeks in Kaikoura, a marine mammal paradise.
There are still several slots open for dedicated personnel who want to learn about dusky dolphin and other marine mammal behavior and behavioral ecology in New Zealand, and receive university credit for same.  We will issue a Certificate of Completion whether you are a student or not.  The sign-up date has been changed to Friday 18 February, and let us know as soon as possible whether you wish to be considered.
See below for details.
Best,  Bernd Würsig

Dear MARMAM Colleagues,

A new course in Marine Mammal Behavioural Ecology, with special emphasis on dusky dolphin foraging and social strategies will be held in Kaikoura, New Zealand, 17-28 May, 2011. Guiding text will be The Dusky Dolphin, Master Acrobat off Different Shores, by B. and M. Würsig (2010, Academic/Elsevier Press), with a free digital copy to participants.
PERSONNEL:  This course is team taught by a cadre of international experts, and is limited to 10 participants, preferably of undergraduate or graduate student status. While you do not need to be enrolled in university during the course, we prefer general student status, or working towards it.
DATES:  Course dates are 17-28 May, with arrival needed by 16 May (if coming from North America or Europe, add one day due to the dateline, i.e. you need to leave home by 14 May).
CREDIT:  Course credit in the US system is 4 units (equal to a one-semester lecture course with lab).  Please coordinate with your respective university if you wish credit, and the course leaders will give you a grade on performance, and a full evaluation as per your school's requisites.
COURSE STRUCTURE: This course will consist of 1) lectures and in situ immersion in the world of dusky dolphins; 2) practical field experience in photographic identification, theodolite tracking from a shore station, and learning details of behavioral descriptions; 3) assessment of dolphin activities from a dolphin watching vessel, for close-up interactional information; and 4) a local indigenous Maori appreciation of nature and natural resources, with a special Maori-led tour through the native forest.  Participants have the chance to conduct their own directed studies during these two weeks, and to use these for student accreditation for their respective universities.  We will help supply ideas for the actual topic once in the field.
COST:  Course cost is $3,000 US.  You are expected to find your own financial way to Kaikoura (with our logistic advice), but once you are there, we take care of other course expenses: Living in a beautiful house overlooking the sea; evening meals by an acclaimed local cook, and all other food costs; costs of boats and vans/cars/trucks.
INTERESTED?  Contact the course coordinator, Bernd Würsig, by Friday Feb. 18 with your CV and a short cover letter explaining why you would like to participate in this course, at wuersig at sbcglobal.net<mailto:wuersig at sbcglobal.net>.  If selected, a 50% deposit is due by Friday March 11; 100% by Friday April 1, 2011. You will need international health insurance.

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