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Workshop: Fin whales research and conservation in the Mediterranean Sea

Cádiz, Sunday 20th March 2011, 08:00-16:30

25th Annual Conference of the 
Cetacean Society  (www.europeancetaceansociety.eu)

Cádiz, Spain, 21st to 23rd March 2011


The 2006 IUCN/ACCOBAMS Workshop assessed the 
status of the Mediterranean fin whales as “Data 
Deficient” according to the IUCN Red List 
criteria; an updated assessment was submitted in 
2010 suggesting Vulnerable as classification. 
Since this evaluation, new data are available on this large cetacean specie.

Recent research projects on fin whales (e.g. 
population identity from Castellote 2009, Spanish 
network of MPAs LIFE+ INDEMARES 2009-2013, aerial 
surveys in the Ligurian Sea from Panigada and 
Lauriano, satellite tagging, update on fin whales 
genetics since Bérubé 1998, ship strike Panigada 
) would allow a better evaluation of the 
status of this species in the Mediterranean Sea.

  For these highly migratory species, moving over 
national and international waters, creating 
integrated basin-wide conservation plan and 
monitoring programme is essential to develop and 
implement proper conservation measures.

  This workshop will aim to review and summarize 
the current knowledge on the ecology, presence 
and distribution of fin whales in the ACCOBAMS 
area in order to define the current gaps that are 
critical for its proper conservation. 
Distribution ranges, seasonal movements or 
migration, population estimates and structure, 
habitat use, behavior and conservation threats 
will be addressed.  All different topics will be 
discussed, evaluated and framed within the needs 
of the managing agencies of Mediterranean 
Countries (ACCOBAMS, EU (Marine Strategy 
Framework Directive), etc.). Gaps in the 
knowledge on the ecology of fin whales in the 
Mediterranean Sea will be identified and listed, 
based on their priority for conservation 
management. Funding and research needs to cover 
these identified gaps will be defined in an 
effort to promote coordination between 
Mediterranean countries, Institutes  and researchers.

    * Review and update the knowledge on fin whales in the Mediterranean Sea
    * Identify data gaps and research needed.
    * Draw the baseline of a Mediterranean 
collaboration and data exchange network on large cetacean
    * Draft integrated conservation and management plans for the whole basin.

  Expected Outcome: final report including the following items:
    * A list of experts by research topic, as 
well as conservation managers from different 
countries, related to the conservation of fin 
whales in the Mediterranean basin,
    * The list of identified gaps and their 
priority for conservation management,
    * The definition of funding and research needs
    * A joint work plan for coordinated research in the ACCOBAMS area
    * Draft integrated conservation and 
management plans for the whole Mediterranean basin.

Number of participants: 30-40 pers. Full day.

Organisers: Pauline Gauffier, Simone Panigada, 
Manolo Castellote and Renaud de Stephanis

email: <mailto:panigada at inwind.it>panigada at inwind.it

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