[MARMAM] Request for Lagenorhynchus cruciger information – working paper

María Constanza Marchesi marchesimc at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 15:40:19 PST 2011

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Subject: Request for Lagenorhynchus cruciger information – working paper.

My name is María Constanza Marchesi, I am an undergraduate biology student
from Argentina. Right now I am working on my thesis work on the
biomechanical properties of the vertebral column of two dolphin species
belonging to the genus *Lagenorhynchus. *I am also working with Dr. RNP
Goodall on a new paper about the osteology of the hourglass dolphin
cruciger.*  This is a circumpolar species and there is not much information
available so we are looking for any information about this species for the
period 1997 - 2011: sightings, specimens found (collected or not collected)
but specially information regarding the osteology of this species (cranial
measurements based on Perrin 1987 when possible but especially vertebral
counts and post cranial measurements and meristics based on Perrin 1987)
We are also asking for a particular publication: Miyazaki N; Shikano C
(1997) Preliminary study on comparative skull morphology and vertebral
formula among the six species of the genus Lagenorhynchus (Cetacea :
Delphinidae). Mammalia, vol. 61, no4, pp. 573-587. We have written to the
first author but apparently there is a failure with the email address.

Any help would be a huge help! Please contact me: marchesimc at gmail.com.

Thank you

Best Regards

*María Constanza Marchesi

Museo Acatushún de Aves y Mamíferos Marinos (AMMA)
Tierra del Fuego, Argentina*
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