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Louis Herman lherman at hawaii.edu
Mon Dec 19 14:18:32 PST 2011

The following article, Body an Self in Dolphins, a review of 
self-awareness in dolphins as manifested in body awareness, is now 
available on-line in the journal, Consciousness and Cognition: 
under the section "Articles in Press."   Those of you who can access 
the journal and the article via your electronic library will also 
have access to the supplementary material, which consists of five 
video clips illustrating the paradigms used to examine the dolphin's 
conscious awareness of its own body parts, its own behaviors, and the 
behaviors of others.   For those who cannot access the journal, 
please send me an email and I will be happy to forward you a PDF of 
the article, although the supplementary videos will not be included. 
The citation is:

Herman, L. M. (2011, in press). Body and self in dolphins. 
Consciousness and Cognition. doi:10.1016/j.concog.2011.10.005.


In keeping with recent views of consciousness of self as represented 
in the body in action,
empirical studies are reviewed that demonstrate a bottlenose 
dolphin's (Tursiops truncatus) conscious awareness of its own body 
and body parts, implying a representational ''body image'' system. 
Additional work reviewed demonstrates an advanced capability of 
dolphins for motor imitation of self-produced behaviors and of 
behaviors of others, including imitation of human actions, supporting 
hypotheses that dolphins have a sense of agency and ownership of 
their actions and may implicitly attribute those levels of 
self-awareness to others. Possibly, a mirror-neuron system, or its 
functional equivalent to that described in monkeys and humans, may 
mediate both self-awareness and awareness of others.

Wishing everyone the best for the holiday season and for the New Year!

Louis M. Herman, Ph.D.
Emeritus Professor, University of Hawaii

lherman at hawaii.edu

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