[MARMAM] Release of report from July 2010 Marine Mammals and Sound Workshop

Lewandowski, Jill Jill.Lewandowski at boem.gov
Mon Dec 19 12:51:04 PST 2011

In July 2010, the U.S. government sponsored an interactive Marine
Mammals and Sound Workshop with governmental and non-governmental
stakeholders to solicit input on key issues related to (1) marine
mammals and anthropogenic noise effects analysis and (2) monitoring and
mitigation measures development. The meeting was organized and
co-chaired by the Department of the Navy, National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration, and Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and
was sponsored by the U.S. Committee on Ocean Policy Joint Subcommittee
on Ocean Science and Technology.  Participants represented the marine
mammal research community, including federal government, academic
institutions, independent science corporations and organizations,
non-governmental organizations, and industry, who had an existing
understanding of anthropogenic sound and marine mammals and were active
in research, policy development and other fields to address this issue.
The agenda allowed for interactive discussions (rather than an emphasis
on presentations) with most of the time spent in small discussion groups
followed by plenary sessions. Discussions were conducted in four topical
areas, including: (1) biologically significant effects of sound exposure
(baseline data and assessment); (2) understanding and reducing sound
generation and propagation; (3) acoustic behavioral harassment criteria
and methodologies for cumulative effects analysis and mitigation; and
(4) improving monitoring technology and methodologies.
The final report and workshop recommendations are available
electronically at:
http://www.nmfs.noaa.gov/pr/permits/mammals_sound_workshop.htm.  This
website also includes detailed notes and plenary presentations from the
Any questions on the contents of this report can be directed to: Jill
Lewandowski (BOEM) at jill.lewandowski at boem.gov ; Jolie Harrison (NOAA)
at jolie.harrison at noaa.gov <mailto:jolie.harrison at noaa.gov> ; or Robin
Fitch (US Navy) at robin.fitch at navy.mil. 
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