[MARMAM] new publication: contamination of small cetaceans in southeastern Brazil

Marcos Santos sotalia at gmail.com
Sat Dec 17 12:28:52 PST 2011

Dear marmamers:

I'm pleased to announce a new publication (quoted below) on contamination
of small cetaceans in southeastern Brazil.
Request of pdf file: sotalia at gmail.com


Dr. Marcos Cesar de Oliveira Santos
Laboratorio de Biologia da Conservacao de Mamiferos Aquaticos
Departamento de Oceanografia Biologica, Instituto Oceanografico,
Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brasil

Yogui, G.T.; Santos, M.C. de O.; Bertozzi, C.P.; Sericano, J.L. & Montone,
R.C. 2011. PBDEs in the blubber of marine mammals from coastal areas of São
Brazil, southwestern Atlantic. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 62: 2666-2670.

Abstract: Limited information is available in the literature on the levels
of brominated flame retardants in the
southern hemisphere. This study presents concentrations of polybrominated
diphenyl ethers (PBDEs)
in the blubber of small cetaceans from the coast of São Paulo (Brazil),
southwestern Atlantic. PBDE levels
were highest in Stenella frontalis (770 ng g-1 lipid) followed by Steno
bredanensis (475 ng g-1 lipid), Sotalia
guianensis (65.6 ng g-1 lipid), Tursiops truncatus (64.2 ng g-1 lipid) and
Pontoporia blainvillei (60.3 ng g-1
lipid). In general, continental shelf individuals exhibited higher
contamination than inshore animals. This
might be related to larger prey items consumed by continental shelf
dolphins. The pattern of contamination
indicates that Penta-BDE commercial mixtures are a major source of PBDEs to
top predators in the
southwestern Atlantic. Congeners found in Octa-BDE formulations were not
detected in the investigated

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