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Per J Palsboll p.j.palsboll at rug.nl
Thu Dec 15 01:23:07 PST 2011

My apologies for the second posting but it appears that I was provided 
incorrect instructions the first time and that application have to be 
submitted on-line. Please see below (at the very end).

Research Technician 0,6fte

The University of Groningen is one of the largest and oldest research 
universities in the Netherlands. It ranks among the top 200 Universities 
in the world (The Times World University Rankings, 2010-2011). The 
Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Studies (CEES) at the Faculty of 
Mathematics and Natural Sciences with the University of Groningen 
invites applications for a position as a research technician placed at 
the research group Marine Evolution and Conservation (MarECON). 
MarECON’s main research focus is the evolution and conservation of 
marine mammals. The group has excellent laboratory facilities for 
molecular analyses.

Research description
We are recruiting a Research Technician for our general research program 
which utilizes marine mammals, in particularly the large whales, to 
study the population genetics and evolution in the marine realm. The 
ultimate goal is to understand the mechanisms driving population genetic 
structuring and local adaptation in wide-ranging mammals. Many aspects 
of our research have conservation implications as well.

We are looking for an enthusiastic and self-motivated co-worker, who 
enjoys acquiring new skills and enjoys working with a team of 
researchers and students. He /she should have a Bachelor or Masters 
degree in Biology (HLO) or related background. The ideal candidate will 
have experience with (or the ability to acquire) modern molecular 
genetic methods and instrumentation employed in evolutionary and 
population genetics such as prepare libraries for next generation 
sequencing, Sanger sequencing, STR genotyping and cloning. Experience 
with database management is preferred and a good command of written and 
spoken English necessary.

Additional information
For more information contact Dr. Per Palsboll (p.j.palsboll at rug.nl) or 
Dr. Martine Berube (m.berube at rug.nl).

Conditions of employment
The University of Groningen offers a salary dependent on qualifications 
and work experience starting at € 1986 gross per month up to maximum of 
€ 2682 (scale 7, step 10) gross per month for a 100% employment. This 
position is defined according to the UFO function profile 
'Onderwijs-/onderzoeksmedewerker'. The part-time (60%) appointment is 
initially for a fixed period of 3 years and subject to an evaluation 
after the first year.

The application should be written in English including a personal 
motivation, curriculum vitae, as well as the names and addresses of 
three referees (including telephone number and email address). The 
application should be submitted on-line. The link for the advertisement 
and on-line submission may be found at this URL 

Per J. Palsboll, Professor

Marine Evolution and Conservation
Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Studies
University of Groningen
Nijenborgh 7
9747 AG Groningen
The Netherlands

Office phone: +31 50 363 9882
Mobile +31 64 870 3295

Mail address:
PO Box 11103
9700 CC Groningen
The Netherlands

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