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For those of you interested in marine debris and its environmental impacts, including on marine mammals, there is a new online forum for news and discussion on the subject: MarineDebris.Info. It is an e-mail listserv on research, management, and prevention of marine debris. To join, go to: 


The MarineDebris.Info forum is provided by Marine Affairs Research and Education (MARE) in association with the University of Washington. MARE serves coastal and marine resource managers worldwide with programs to help them share best practices with peers (marineaffairs.org). Other MARE programs include MPA News and the Marine Ecosystems and Management newsletter.

Subjects for discussion on the MarineDebris.Info listserv include:
• Breaking news on marine debris-related incidents or initiatives
• Scientific advances
• Response and removal
• Research and monitoring
• Prevention
• Engagement of particular stakeholder groups in problem-solving
• Outreach and education
• International, regional, and cross-sectoral partnerships
• Economic instruments
• Governance and policymaking
• and more.

Please help us spread the word to interested colleagues and contacts. Thanks very much.

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