[MARMAM] Observation of a tagged bottlenose dolphin off Turkish coast of the Black Sea

Ayaka Ozturk mmonachus at ttmail.com
Mon Dec 5 06:29:29 PST 2011

Dear all, 


Sorry for cross-posting.

One of my friends living in Igneada, a town on the western Black Sea coast
of Turkey and very close to the Bulgarian border, saw a group of 5-6
bottlenose dolphins, travelling about 100 m offshore from north to south, at
11:00-12:00 on 3 December. He saw something like a tag or a plate at the
base of dorsal fin of one of the dolphins. He noticed it as it was shiny,
reflecting the sun rays. He observed it with binoculars and claims it was as
big as 20 cm or so.

Does anybody know if there is any tagged bottlenose dolphins in the Black
Sea (or possibly in the Aegean Sea)? To my knowledge, there is none in
Turkey.  It could be a harness for TDR or some acoustic device. Please
contact me if you know such study going on. I can provide the exact location
if requested.


Ayaka Amaha Ozturk

Faculty of Fisheries, Istanbul University

Turkish Marine Research Foundation (TUDAV)


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