[MARMAM] Pinniped Behaviour

EthoLogy ethology101 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 23 22:09:43 PDT 2011

Hello, I have been advised to contact this mailing list by Dr. Kit Kovacs of the IUCN SSC Pinniped Specialist Group in the hope that any members involved in the study of pinniped behaviour and/or reproductionmight be able to help with the following unique matter.

I have been trying locate quality video filmed footage describing the mating behaviour of certain types of large-sized animals (in this particular case pinnipeds) as part of an ongoing research project that seeks to reconstruct reproductive behaviour in extinct taxa using different extant tetrapods as models.  In that respect, have any of this list's members ever video filmed mating in elephant seals or grey seals?  If so, I would be very much interested in the possibility of acquiring copies of any such potential visual records.  Any relevant data would be used to ascertain whether such movement, positioning and reproductive apparatus could be potentially used as a feasible comparative model.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  If anyone requires any further information please feel free to contact me directly at ethologist at gmail.com

I thank you all for your time.

Kindest Regards,



Tim Isles, B.Sc. (Hnrs.), M.Phil.

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