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Dear all, 

We write to inform you about a Mediterranean cetaceans course and a cetaceans survey in October.
Join the theoretical-practical course on Mediterranean cetaceans, offered by Edmaktub association, in a unique environment! Embarking on a catamaran from Barcelona toward the Alghero. The practical part of the course consists of participating on cetaceans and other marine life sightings. And the theoretical part will take place in the Asinara’s Natural Park, Sardinia. http://www.parcoasinara.org/
Did you know that there are whales in the Mediterranean? Do you want to know which other animals hide our nearest sea? This theoretical-practical course offers you the chance to learn about the mammals of the Mediterranean Sea, their conservation status, how to recognize and protect them. Delve into what is known of their biology and learn the methods used to detect and study cetaceans. The theoretical course will last 2-3 days, with the possibility of complementing it a practical part getting embarked aboard the Edmaktub’s catamaran that will make the trip Barcelona-Alghero, Alghero-Barcelona. (See the possible options under "Practical Information"). Dolphins, fin whales, sperm whales and many more species are waiting to be discovered.
This course is offered by the association Edmaktub (www.edmaktub.com) for the study and disclosure of the aquatic environment, but during the rest of the days  in the island there will be other courses offered by the Catalan Summer University: course of annealing, course in botany, a visit to CRAMA and the possibility of diving (see prices and more information on the web http://www.ucecn.org/cursos-2011/ucecn-de-l-alguer/)

To register or to receive more information about the cetacean course write to info at edmaktub.com


The theoretical part of the course will be held in Alghero from the 3rd to the 5th of September at the natural park of Asinara (see course content below). And the practical part will be done embarking on the catamaran of the association to go from Barcelona to Alghero and / or Alguero-Barcelona; learning the field work: whale watching from the boat!

There are several options to do the theoretical and/or practical part as well as for the stay in the Natural Park of Asinara (Sardinia).

Attending the full course (theoretical part, practical part and stay in Asinara), attending the partial course (theoretical part, do the practical part partially (go to Asinara or come back to Barcelona) or just attending the theoretical course.
- Includes the 2-3 day theory course in the natural park of Asinara.
- Includes the full theoretical part, of 4 days, that will be done during the round trip from Barcelona to Alghero on the catamaran of the association.
- This type of course includes meals and lodging on the boat for 8-10 days. The trip from Barcelona to Alghero, leaving on September 1 from Barcelona and returning on September 10 (days may vary depending on the weather, days for possible return from 8 to 10).
- The timing is: September 1 leaving from Barcelona port, doing ​​the practical part on board during the trip Barcelona-Alghero (2 days). Arrival at Asinara Natural Park, accommodation on board with access to the island and lunch included (4-6 days). The first three days on the island (from 3 to September 5) will take place the theoretical course. The remaining days it will be possible to visit the natural park, visit the CRAMA, and attend the other courses offered during the conference in the nature reserve, as well as the possibility of diving (see prices and information from these other activities on the web). Leaving the Aguero either the 6, 7 or 8 of September (depending on weather conditions), and conducting the practical part II of the course, along the way to Barcelona (2 days). 8, 9, or September 10, arriving at Barcelona harbour.
- Price: 600 €

- Includes the 2-3 day theoretical course in the natural park of Asinara.
- Includes a part of the practical embarking, 2 days, either doing the way Barcelona-Alguero, or Alguero-Barcelona. This option means going only one-way on the boat.
- This type of course includes meals and lodging on the boat during the two days practical part, but does not include food and accommodation on the island of Asinara.
- Timing and options are:
·        Make the trip on the boat (Barcelona-Asinara): September 1 leaving the port of Barcelona, ​​the practical realization during the trip Barcelona-Alghero (2 days). And doing the theoretical course from the 3rd to the 5th of September on the Asinara natural park.
·        Make the trip on the boat (Asinara-Barcelona): Do the theoretical course fromt the 3rd to 5th of September. And carrying out the practical part II on the way Asinara-Barcelona (2 days), leaving the 6th, 7th or 8th of September and arriving to Barcelona on the 8th, 9th, or 10th of September (will depend on the weather).
- Price: 300 €
- Includes the 2-3 day theory course in the Natural Park of Asinara, Sardinia, from the 3rd to the 5th of September.
- Only includes the attendance to the course. Food, transportation and accommodation not included.
- Price: 50 €

1. Mediterranean Cetaceans I: the Mediterranean Sea. Cetaceans in the Mediterranean, general information on their biology and conservation status.
2. Mediterranean Cetaceans II: Resident cetacean species, distribution, ecology. An example of study: BCNCET 2010-11 (Zoo de Barcelona)
3. Methods of studying cetaceans: Description of the different survey methods for studying cetaceans and the information provided by each approach.
4. Innovations in the study of whales: innovative methods in development. An example: The aeromodelism plane project (Fundación Biodiversidad).
5. Bibliography: what do we know about the Mediterranean cetaceans and what needs further investigation?
6. Introduction to seabirds: which birds can be seen at sea and observation methods.

CONTENTS OF THE PRACTICAL PART (4 days full time, 2 days part-time)
 1. Explanation of the sighting protocol: scanning techniques, differentiation of species.
2. Photo_ID.
3. Explanation of the acoustic detection protocol: types of sounds and species recognition.
4. Data collection and software used.
5. Acoustic detection, whale and bird watching!
Taught by: Edmaktub association members
Course duration: 10h teorethical part + 20h/40h practical part.
The natural park of Asinara is in the Italian island of Asinara, close to Alghero, in the Sardinian island.
In 2002 it was declared a National Park (Parco Nazionale dell'Asinara) and it is a marine and a nature reserve, in fact the park's waters are considered an international whale sanctuary (http://whc.unesco.org/en/tentativelists/5002).

The first fortnight of October the third campaign of the year will be done to study the Mediterranean Cetaceans (Balearic Sea area) for the project BCNCET 2010-2011.
Volunteers are sought again for the field work on the catamaran!
Write us for details to info at edmaktub.com
 (The volunteers that applied for this last campaign but could not get on board will be contacted first, thanks a lot for your interest!)

Thank you!
Edmaktub association www.edmaktub.com 		 	   		  
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