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Ruth DeLynn Cetacean Osteological Collection

The prospective candidate will have a Ph.D. or equivalent degree in 
evolutionary biology, anatomy, or a closely related field. (e.g., D.Sc., 
D.V.M., D.Eng., and M.D), or lesser degree, with significant experience 
(at least five [5] years beyond Master's degree, or at least eight [8] 
years beyond Bachelor's degree in the field of specialty), including 
demonstration of success in peer-reviewed scientific publication and 
extramural funding procurement.  The individual will: (a) be familiar 
with procedures for the proper and meticulous archival of skeletal and 
soft tissues of cetaceans to promote a range of scientific studies, and 
(b) demonstrate a high level of professional productivity and an ability 
to work well as a member of a multi-disciplinary team.

General Duties and Responsibilities

The Ruth DeLynn Cetacean Osteological Collection holds specimens from 
approximately 650 individuals representing 17 species.  According to an 
accreditation team from the Committee on Systematic Collections of the 
American Society of Mammalogists: "The collection of mammals at the Mote 
Marine Laboratory is the best organized and cared for any of us have 
ever seen."

Part of the value of the collection relates to its integration with a 
multi-decade long study (through Dr. Randall Wells and Chicago 
Zooligical Society) of free-ranging dolphins in the Sarasota Bay area.   
Thus, for many specimens in the DeLynn Collection, a unique, long term 
record of their life history attributes and other data exists.  As a 
Staff Scientist at Mote Marine Laboratory, the individual will establish 
and be a catalyst for the expansion of a vigorous research program, in 
addition to performing the curatorial duties that form the foundation of 
the job and the collection.  Incumbent is expected to achieve a 
significant, sustained level of extramural support.

Consistent with these observations, we seek a full-time curator to 
maintain the standards that have produced the outstanding osteological 
collection created by Ruth DeLynn.  The curator will also expand the 
collection to include soft tissue archives and to further the program 
with targeted research and new collaborations.

Mote Marine Laboratory and Ruth DeLynn have the following vision for the 
DeLynn Collection:  They want it to become

    * ?    one of the most heavily used museum collections for small
      cetaceans in the United States;
    * ?    a focal point of regional, national, and even global
      comparative studies;
    * ?    a training center for interested undergraduate and graduate
    * ?    a resource from which numerous and important publications
      will flow; and
    * ?    a place where the public and professionals can perceive what
      a facility such as this does to enhance conservation and science.

The successful candidate will help to make this vision a reality.  His 
or her primary duties will center around maintaining and expanding the 
collection in a manner consistent with the highest standards for hard 
and soft tissue archival.  The successful candidate must be able to work 
well independently as well as part of a team, and have a clear and well 
communicated vision regarding the collection and how it is to be used to 
further science and conservation.  In that regard, the individual who is 
hired will be expected to facilitate and catalyze professional 
partnerships and collaborations to take advantage of the collection, 
leading to peer-reviewed publications.  He or she will have a strong 
publication record, continue to produce publications (including those 
with non-Mote and Mote-based collaborators who use the collection), and 
acquireextramural funds via competitive grants or contracts.  Although 
the primary of foci of the successful candidate will be meticulous 
archival, good science, and team building, he or she should also be 
comfortable interacting with the general public as well as peers.
Supervisor:    Center Director, Dr. John Reynolds III

Salary Range/Benefits$40,000-$50,000/yr, with full fringe benefits which 
include vacation and sick time, paid holidays and health insurance.


The Search Committee will accept applications until the position is 
filled; however, MML will start to review applications as soon as 
30August2011, and may make a decision shortly thereafter, depending on 
the applicant pool at that time. Applications should include a letter 
stating their professional goals, curriculum vitae and contact 
information for three references.  Please submit application materials 
to Deanna Bebak, Human Resources Manager electronically at 
HumanResources at mote.org or Mote Marine Laboratory, Attn: Human 
Resources, 1600 Ken Thompson Parkway, Sarasota, FL 34236. NO PHONE 

Mote Marine Laboratory is an equal opportunity employer.

Gretchen Lovewell
Program Manager
Stranding Investigations
Center for Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Research
Mote Marine Laboratory
1600 Ken Thompson Pkwy
Sarasota, FL 34236
Office: 941-388-4441 ex 239
Cell: 941-374-3425
Pager: 941-988-0212
Fax: 941-388-4317

We are an independent, nonprofit, marine and estuarine
research and education facility.
Opinions expressed here are not MML policy unless so indicated.

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