[MARMAM] MUCRU - launch of new website

Lars Bejder L.Bejder at murdoch.edu.au
Tue Aug 2 20:37:03 PDT 2011

Dear Marmam-readers:


I would like to inform you of our newly launched website for Murdoch
University's Cetacean Research Unit   www.mucru.org 


"Today, Murdoch University Cetacean Research Unit (MUCRU) launched a new
website and public engagement strategy using social media to communicate
and share scientific research that is accessible and exciting.


In it, we profile our areas of expertise, major research projects and
publications, and provide detailed information on lab members and


Blogs and social media are a key components of the new MUCRU website
offering a transparent view of research projects 'from the field' and
all of the latest news from the lab including information about
workshops, publications, and overall advances in the field of cetacean


Designed by earthOCEAN <http://earthocean.tv> , a leading science
communications media company, and with a new logo by renowned natural
history illustrator Uko Gorter, the aim of this online initiative is to
provide a platform to share exciting advances in the areas of cetacean
research in Australia and elsewhere as they occur.


To keep updated, you can follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages,
sign up for our email newsletter, or subscribe to our RSS feed."






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