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Dear Colleagues,
   Some of you knew Jake Houck, who was a professor at Humboldt State 
University.   Jake passed away last summer and I offered to help his daughter get 
his extensive collection of marine mammal books into the hands of people 
who could use them.   Many of these are older, rare items.   We are making the 
books and reprints available to colleagues at reasonable prices.   All 
money raised will go to ¡VivaVaquita!, a non-profit organization to assist 
research and conservation efforts for the vaquita (Phocoena sinus), the World’s 
most endangered marine mammal species.   Payments must be made in US dollars. 
  Contact me <sclymene at aol.com> for complete list of 
books/monographs/reprints available.

Some highlights:

Brown, S. G. (1954). "Dispersal in blue and fin whales." Discovery Reports 
26: 355-384.   $40.

Brown, S. G. (1962). "The movements of fin and blue whales within the 
Antarctic zone." Discovery Reports 33: 1-54.   $45 (loose)

Goode, G. B., Ed. (1884). The Fisheries and Fishery Industries of the 
United States, Section 1. Natural History of Useful Aquatic Animals, Government 
Printing Office, 895 pp.   $95 (hardcover)

Hershkovitz, P. (1966). "Catalog of living whales." Bulletin of the United 
States National Museum 246: 259 pp.   $25

Kellogg, R. (1966). "Fossil marine mammals from the Miocene Calvert 
Formation of Maryland and Virginia, Volume 2, pt. 3. New species of extinct Miocene 
Sirenia, pt. 4. A new Odontocete from the Calvert Miocene of Maryland". 
Bulletin of the U. S. National Museum Bulletin 247: 65-101.   $34

Kenyon, K. W. (1969). "The sea otter in the eastern Pacific Ocean." North 
American Fauna 68: 352 pp.   $24.

Kernan, J. D. (1918). "The skull of Ziphius cavirostris." Bulletin of the 
American Museum of Natural History 38: 349-394.   $28

Misc. Authors.   Collection of original reprints of 411 papers on marine 
mammals, mostly from the 1960s-2000s, but some from the early 1900s.   If 
interested, you may request a listing of the authors included.   $120

Mitchell, E., Ed. (1975). Review of biology and fisheries for smaller 
cetaceans. Journal of the Fisheries Research Board of Canada 32 (Special Issue), 
351 pp.   $30

Murie, J. (1874). "Researches upon the anatomy of the Pinnipedia.-(Part 
III.) Descriptive anatomy of the sea-lion (Otaria jubata)." Transactions of the 
Zoological Society of London 8(9): 501-582.   $37

Winn, H. E. and B. L. Olla, Eds. (1979). Behavior of Marine Animals, Volume 
3: Cetaceans. New York, Plenum Press.   $65 (hardcover)

Best wishes,
Thomas A. Jefferson, Ph.D.
Clymene Enterprises / Cetos Research Organization
5495 Camino Playa Malaga
San Diego, CA 92124
Tel.   (858) 278-4240
Email: sclymene at aol.com
Web: http://www.cetosresearch.org/about/associates.htm
Marine Mammals of the World site: http://www.
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