[MARMAM] Photo of Harbour Porpoise

Val Rajasaar viridis at online.ee
Tue Apr 19 10:16:15 PDT 2011

Parallel thinking !!!

I'm looking for possibilities helping me to reproduce a Harbour Porpoise 
for a museum exhibition. Our wildlife arts' studio is willing to buy raw 
fiberglass casts if anyone has got forms (taken from an original) and 
also detail photos. Idea is to build a Harbour Porpoise modelling it 
actually by sculptors and casting later in fiberglass, ending with 
museum-quality reproduction in 1:1 accuracy.
Going to build an Ice Age exhibition in Estonia and The Baltic Sea 
diorama can't be good without a Phocoena. All information welcome.

Val Rajasaar
NGO Studio Viridis Nature Education
Tallinn, Estonia
val.rajasaar at studioviridis.ee

On 15.04.2011 23:56, Rick Harbo wrote:
> I'm looking for a good image of a Harbour porpoise, /Phocoena 
> phoecena/ in BC or WA waters, to use in the Newly Revised and Expanded 
> Second Edition of /Whelks to Whales/. Coastal Marine Life of the 
> Pacific Northwest.
> You can contact me directly at rharbo at shaw.ca <mailto:rharbo at shaw.ca>
> /thanks/
> Rick Harbo
> Marine Visions Ltd.
> Nanaimo, BC.
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