[MARMAM] Coastal dolphins & marine blasting, Darwin Harbour, Australia

Stuart Blanch ecnt at iinet.net.au
Tue Apr 19 21:09:51 PDT 2011



Thanks to those who sent information to me last year, and made a submission,
regarding plans by fossil fuel company INPEX to use destructive underwater
blasting to remove a rock reef that obstructs a proposed shipping channel
Darwin Harbour, Northern Territory, Australia.


The blasting threatened three species of coastal dolphins that are resident
in the harbour - Australian snubfin, Indo-Pacific humpback and Indo-Pacific


The final EIS for their LNG plant released yesterday says the company is
confident it can avoid underwater blasting by instead using new cutter
suction dredges that can grind away the very dense rock, plus other
non-blasting options. Apparently many more such cutter suction dredges with
rock grinding apparatus are being built in response to concerns over marine
blasting globally. 


We hope our battle against INPEX's plans for blasting, and their agreement
to listen to our concerns, will help set precedent for other ports and
marine construction projects in Australia and globally. 


Unfortunately the company still plans to apply to blast in the 'unlikely'
event that these do not remove the densest rock. We will continue to oppose
blasting due to its unacceptable risks to marine mammals and wildlife. So
the battle is not over yet.


Thanks again to those who assisted the Environment Centre NT in keeping our
coastal dolphins safe. 


Final EIS available at http://inpex.com.au/ 


Some media coverage at: 

Gas giant's blast off

Inpex steps back from blasting in Darwin harbour

Dr Stuart Blanch, Director, Environment Centre NT, Darwin, Northern
Territory, Australia, coordinator at ecnt.org 




Stuart Blanch  |  Coordinator


T (08) 8941 7439  |  M 0448 887 303  |  E  <mailto:communications at ecnt.org>
coordinator at ecnt.org   |  W  <http://www.ecnt.org/> http://www.ecnt.org/

GPO Box 2120, Darwin NT 0801  |  Unit 3/98 Woods Street, Darwin Northern
Territory - Australia



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