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Hi All,


Volunteer cetacean and seabird survey opportunity: Western Channel, Celtic
Sea and Bay of Biscay 18th May to 9th June 2011


Some  exciting new just in.


Two volunteer places are available for a 3 week survey of the Western
Channel, Celtic Sea and the northern Bay of Biscay.


>From the food-rich waters at the mouth of the Loire Estuary off the Brittany
Coast out to the edge of the continental shelf off south west Ireland, this
epic voyage is likely to deliver an excellent variety of marine wildlife.
Cetacean species likely to be encountered include White-beaked Dolphin,
Striped Dolphin, Common Dolphin, Risso's Dolphin, Minke Whale, Long-finned
Pilot Whale and Fin Whale, with Humpback Whale and White-sided Dolphin also
possibilities.  Migratory seabirds encountered are likely to include Cory's
Shearwater, Balearic Shearwater, Pomarine Skua and Long-tailed Skua.


You will join and have opportunity to learn from a multidisciplinary team
carrying out pelagic fish and plankton surveys and collecting oceanographic
data. There will also be the opportunity to contribute to analyses linking
mammals and seabirds sightings to prey availability.



Departure Date: 10:00am 18th May 2011

Return Date: 9th June 2011

Port: Lowestoft


All meals will be provided for you onboard the ship; specific dietary
requirements can be catered for (please specify in your application).  Your
bunk will have a bed, en-suite bathroom, TV, desk and internet access -
towels and bedding will be provided.  You will also have access to the
lounge room and gym for use in your spare time.


In some circumstances, Marinelife may help in providing support for travel
expenses to/from Lowestoft.



.        Experienced in cetacean and/or seabird identification at sea.

.        A valid ENG1 medical certificate. (see
www.dft.gov.uk/mca/mcga-mgn264.pdf and
/mcga-ml5-medicalinfo/mcga-approved-docs-list.htm )

.        Personal Sea Survival Certificate (Sea survival training is
possible prior to departure - e.g. on Thursdays in Lowestoft).


All marine animal data collected by you during this trip will also
contribute directly towards Marinelife's CHARM III Channel Marine Mammal &
Seabird Survey - please visit:  <http://www.marine-life.org.uk>
www.marine-life.org.uk and  <http://marinelife-charm3.blogspot.com/>
http://marinelife-charm3.blogspot.com/ for more details.


If you would like to join the research team as a Marine Mammal & Seabird
Surveyor, please email  <mailto:tom.brereton at marine-life.org.uk>
tom.brereton at marine-life.org.uk including a CV or brief summary of


I look forward to hearing from you.


Tom Brereton


tom.brereton (at) marine-life.org.uk

Research Director


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