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The Marine Mammal Observer Association (MMOA) is a membership based
association with the aim of bringing together and representing individuals
who work commercially and professionally as Marine Mammal Observers (MMOs)
and Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) Operators who implement mitigation
measures to protect marine life during industry operations.

The MMOA also provides information to other individuals that have an
interest in MMO issues.

The MMOA is pleased to announce the launch of a new website:

The MMOA wishes to invite professional MMOs and PAM operators to sign up
as full members of the Association. The MMOA also wishes to invite other
interested individuals who may have an interest in MMO issues or MMOs who,
at present, do not qualify for full membership to sign up as Associate

Details of Full and Associate Memberships are outlined below.

To sign up to the Association please go to www.mmo-association.org and
then click on the “Sign Up” button at the top of the Home Page.

FULL MEMBERSHIP (£70 per year)

Individuals with a demonstrated level of experience, skills and
qualifications to enable them to work in a mitigation role as MMOs or PAM
Operators are invited to exchange knowledge and contribute their
considered thoughts and concerns as Full Members. Full Members are
expected to be able to:

•        Provide evidence of having worked as a professional MMO and/or
PAM Operator implementing mitigation measures during industry operations
on at least two occasions in the last five years.
•        Provide evidence of any completed MMO and/or PAM training.
•        Provide evidence of recent personal development in marine mammal
identification and behaviour whether this was during other employment
(i.e. during fisheries work) or outside of any professional commitments
(e.g. voluntary surveys / guiding, holidays whale-watching, organising
boat trips to see marine mammals etc.). Alternatively, persons without
other experience but who have worked for 20 weeks or more in a mitigation
role as an MMO and /or PAM operator will qualify as having relevant
•        Adhere to the MMOA's Code of Professional Conduct.
•        Pay a subscription fee, on acceptance.

The main benefits to Full Members will be:

•        The opportunity to share your knowledge and experience.
•        Opportunity to influence the future development of the profession.
•        The benefit of a professional code of conduct.
•        Access to the MMO Forum resources and Information Directory.
•        Recognition as a serious-minded MMO and listed in the online
Membership Directory.
•        Full voting rights on the direction of MMOA.

Acceptance as a Full Member will allow access to a personal profile page. 
Here members can create their MMO Association Curriculum Vitae using the
online template. This can be saved as a pdf file or printed by each
member. On the personal profile page members will also have access to the
MMO Forum and the Information Directory.


Other interested parties (such as students, prospective MMOs or PAM
Operators, newly qualified MMOs or PAM Operators, company employees with
an interest in MMO issues, etc.) are invited to join as Associate Members.
 The main benefits to the Associate Members will be:

•        Input to the Association's aims and objectives.
•        Access to the Information Directory.
•        Invitation to comment on MMO issues.

Acceptance as an Associate Member will allow access to a personal profile
page. Here members will have access to the Information Directory and also
be able to make comments regarding MMO issues. Associate Members will not
be eligible to stand for the MMOA Committee, nor are voting rights


We would also welcome corporate sponsorship to help us achieve the aims
and objectives of the MMOA. Corporate sponsors will have their company
logo displayed on our website. If you are interested in sponsorship please
email the MMOA at info at mmo-association.org

We welcome your applications. Please email info at mmo-association.org if you
have any problems during the sign up process.


The MMOA Steering Committee

The Marine Mammal Observer Association (MMOA)
Communications House
26 York Street

Email: info at mmo-association.org
Website: www.mmo-association.org

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