[MARMAM] Tursiops' head pictures needed

BOYE Martin Martin.Boye at planetesauvage.com
Sat Apr 9 05:39:14 PDT 2011

Dear colleagues,

We are actively in search of underwater (or through a glass window) pictures of bottlenose dolphins for a newly-developed research program.

We would need from each individual:

- profile (left and right if possible) view

- frontal view.

Both should be as accurate as possible (90° and 180°)

We already succeeded here in getting some accurate side and frontal views by using the continuous shooting mode but would need more pictures.

Technical information
-         As many males as possible
-         Landscape format
-         Jpeg in high definition
-         Jaws as closed as possible
-         ID when possible

Your contribution will be credited and we cannot emphasize enough how helpful your participation would be.

If you need any further information please contact me directly to martin.boye at planetesauvage.com<mailto:martin.boye at planetesauvage.com>

Thank you for your help,

Best regards from the french Atlantic coast,
Planète Sauvage Scientific Team
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