[MARMAM] Orcas in captivity - a debate at the IMCC2

Leslie Cornick lcornick at alaskapacific.edu
Sat Apr 9 08:52:52 PDT 2011

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On May 16 at the Second International Marine Conservation Congress in Victoria, BC we are hosting a debate entitled Orcinus orca - too killer to be captive?

We are VERY interested in having 1-2 participants from Sea World and/or the AZA.  Details on the format are provided below.  Please contact Leslie Cornick directly at lcornick at alaskapacific.edu if you are interested in participating in this important debate!

Leslie Cornick

IMCC2 – Evening Debate Series
Debate format – Each side will have five minutes to make an opening statement by one of the two person team.  After both opening statements, two series of 3 minute rebuttals will be allowed for each team, with each member of the team offering one of the two rebuttals.  At the end of the formal debate, the panel will be opened up for questions and discussion from the audience.

Leslie A. Cornick, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Marine Biology
Alaska Pacific University

Senior Policy Fellow
Marine Conservation Biology Institute

lcornick at alaskapacific.edu

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