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HARBOR BRANCH Oceanographic Institute

At Florida Atlantic University


Job Description



Position: HBOI Biological Scientist                             Prepared
by: Greg O'Corry-Crowe 

Program Lead

Population Biology and Behavioral Ecology



Issue Date:      02/01/11


SCOPE AND OBJECTIVES: Participates in multi-disciplinary research
projects that involve the application of photo-ID and GIS-based analysis
to assessments of marine mammal status, ecology, and behavior in Florida
waters. The scientist is expected to create and maintain systems that
link multi-field databases to the mapping and analysis of geospatial
data, and to pursue the research needs of the Program with direct
guidance from the immediate supervisor.  


Time allocation

1.    Spatial analysis, GIS mapping (20%)

2.    Database development and maintenance (20%)

3.    Marine mammal photo-ID, boat-based surveys and photo analysis



REPORTS TO: Program Lead


DUTIES:  Describe functions in terms of outcomes/results rather than
method used or how a job is normally accomplished.



1.    Conducts research on projects approved by the supervisor, with
minimal supervision.  This will involve both computer and fieldwork.

2.     Summarizes progress, analyses and experimental results in the
form of regular detailed reports.


PHYSICAL, MENTAL, ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS essential to the satisfactory
performance of the functions of the position, or other characteristics
which have not otherwise been described in the position description: 


Job involves frequent standing.  Also involves occasional walking,
sitting, bending and using a computer and other electronic equipment.
Requires ability to swim and participate in small-boat work.

Work is performed in an internal (lab, office) environment ca. 70% of
the time, and an external environment (field, at sea) ca. 30% of the




1.    B.Sc., M.Sc. preferred, in Biological sciences specializing in
field ecology with skills in GIS and spatial analysis.

2.    Expertise in latest GIS technology, including ESRI-Arc software,

3.    Expertise in database development, including Microsoft Access,

4.    Expertise in photography preferred

5.    Small boat operation skills preferred

6.    A willingness to learn new techniques and/or applications, to
complete individual assignments in an efficient and timely manner, and
to work as a team member is expected.


*Note: In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA),
identify essential functions of a job required to be performed with or
without reasonable accommodations.  Requests for reasonable
accommodations to facilitate the performance of essential functions will
be given careful consideration. 

**Note: For purposes of ADA, these functions are marginal only to
individuals covered under the ADA who are unable to perform these
functions with or without reasonable accommodation because of a covered



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