[MARMAM] Recent publication: Pathological Findings in South American Fur Seal Pups at Guafo Island, Chile

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The following article (in press) is available online for those of you 
that are interested:

Pathological Findings in South American Fur Seal Pups (Arctocephalus 
australis gracilis) found dead at Guafo Island, Chile*

M. Seguel*, E. Paredes*, H. Pavés+, R. Molina*, F. Henr?quez*, F. De 
Groote* and R. Schlatter++
*Instituto de Patología Animal, Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias, + 
Laboratorio de Estudios en Biología y Conservación de Mamíferos y Aves 
Acuáticas and ++ Instituto de Zoología, Facultad de Ciencias, 
Universidad Austral de Chile, Isla Teja s/n, Valdivia, Chile


During four breeding seasons (2004-2008), 78 necropsy examinations were 
performed on South American fur seal pups (Arctocephalus australis 
gracilis) found dead on Guafo Island, southern Chile (43º360S, 74º430W). 
Tissue samples from 65 pups were examined microscopically. The primary 
causes of death were enteritis with microscopical lesions of bacteraemia 
(28.2%), starvation (23.1%), drowning (21.8%), trauma (19.2%) and 
stillbirth (2.6%). Those pups with enteritis and microscopical lesions 
of bacteraemia had haemorrhagic enteritis (100%), interstitial pneumonia 
(86%), periportal hepatitis (73%) and vasculitis (18%). The pups that 
died from starvation had atrophy of hepatocytes (61%) and cholestasis 
(61%). The pups that drowned had bronchoalveolar oedema (65%) and 
foreign bodies in the airways (65%). In animals that died from trauma, 
the main lesions were skull fractures (67%). This range of pathological 
findings is within what would be expected in a healthy otariid breeding 

Keywords: Arctocephalus australis; pathology; South American fur seal

The article can be downloaded from Journal of Comparative 
Pathologywebsite (Next vols/iss)



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