[MARMAM] Open Tender for Global Assessment of Bycatch in Gill Net Fisheries

Heidrun Frisch HFrisch at cms.int
Tue Sep 28 10:14:01 PDT 2010

Open Tender for Assessment of Bycatch in Gill Net Fisheries - deadline for offers 25 October 2010

The CMS Secretariat has issued a tender notice for a global assessment of bycatch in gill net fisheries. The contractor will be required to carry out a comprehensive review of gill net fisheries to assess the available information on the bycatch of seabirds, marine turtles, sharks and marine mammals, under the stewardship of the CMS Conference-appointed Scientific Councillor for Bycatch. While there is a general interest in all migratory species, of particular concern are species listed on the CMS appendices, many of which are threatened with extinction. The review should also identify mitigation measures aimed at reducing mortalities of migratory species due to interactions with gill net fishing gear, and assess their effectiveness.

Please refer to the Tender Notice (available at http://www.cms.int/secretariat/vacancies/gillnetbycatch.pdf) for details.

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