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Emily Guarino emily at dolphins.org
Tue Sep 7 10:36:37 PDT 2010

Dolphin Research Internships

Dolphin Research Center (DRC) is currently accepting applications for
Research Interns for the Winter/Spring term. DRC is a not-for-profit
education and research facility, home to a family of Atlantic bottlenose
dolphins and California sea lions.  DRC is located on Grassy Key, in the
heart of the Florida Keys.

Internships at DRC are an exciting way to develop career skills as well as
an opportunity to get "behind the scenes" to see how a marine mammal
facility operates. Research interns participate in DRC's ongoing behavioral
and cognitive research projects, giving them broad exposure to a variety of
research methodologies. Interns receive extensive on-the-job training in
observing marine mammal behavior, collecting observational data, working
with research equipment, and assisting with experimental research sessions. 

 Specific job duties include:
*	Collecting observational behavioral data 
*	Preparing stimuli for cognitive research sessions
*	Assisting in setting up and tearing down equipment for cognitive
research sessions 
*	Operating video equipment 
*	Entering or scanning data into the computer for analysis
*	General support of the facility through participation in the
volunteer resource pool (facility maintenance, bird care, assisting with
public programs, guest interactions, etc.) 

Jaakkola, K., Fellner, W., Erb, L., Rodriguez, A. M., & Guarino, E. (2005).
Understanding the concept of numerically "less" by bottlenose dolphins
(Tursiops truncatus).  Journal of Comparative Psychology.

Jaakkola, K., Guarino, E., Rodriguez, M., Erb, L., & Trone, M. (2010). What
do dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) understand about hidden objects?  Animal
Cognition, 13, 103-120.

Jaakkola, K., Guarino, E., Rodriguez, M. (In press).  Blindfolded Imitation
in a Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus).  International Journal of
Comparative Psychology.

Internships require a minimum of a 16-week commitment, 40 hours per week.
The internship is unpaid, and interns are responsible for providing their
own housing. DRC will provide assistance in locating housing and/or matching
up interns and volunteers desiring roommates. Successful candidates will be
ready and willing to learn, self-motivated, and flexible. Prior research
experience is recommended but not required.

The deadline to apply is *** October 1st***.  To apply, you must download
the application available at www.dolphins.org.  Click "Research", and then
"Internship Information".  

The application, and all associated materials (resume, transcript, and
letters of rec.) must be mailed to DRC.

Emily Guarino
Administrative Director of Research
emily at dolphins.org
Dolphin Research Center
58901 Overseas Hwy.
Grassy Key, FL 33050

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