[MARMAM] research stranding pattern dolphins spain/potugal

Joop Coolen [Stichting De Noordzee] j.coolen at noordzee.nl
Tue Oct 26 08:48:43 PDT 2010

During ECS 2010 a person told me about research performed either in 
Spain or in Portugal.
Researchers released dolphin carcasses offhore and investigated where 
the dolphins stranded.
Resultswere, as i recall, that only 20% of the released carcasses made 
it to shore.

Unfortunately i do not remember who told me about this, nor can I find 
any references to this research.

Does anybody have something to help me find more information on this?

Thank you in advance,

kind regards,

Joop Coolen
North Sea Foundation, the Netherlands

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