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New paper "in press" with Marine Policy, available online:



Factors to consider in evaluating the management and conservation
effectiveness of a whale sanctuary to protect and conserve the North
Atlantic right whale (Eubalaena glacialis).


Patricia R. Hinch and Elizabeth M. De Santo*
Dalhousie University Marine Affairs Program

(*corresponding author: Elizabeth.De.Santo at dal.ca)




This paper examines key factors used in protecting the migratory North
Atlantic right whale within the context of a MPA system, using the Grand
Manan Whale Conservation Area, in New Brunswick Canada, as a case study
example.  Designated as a conservation area in 1993, before the Oceans Act
came into effect, the Grand Manan conservation area currently does not form
part of the Canadian network of MPAs. Given the possibility that MPA
designation may occur, the paper examines factors that should be considered
in meeting IUCN MPA design criteria and IUCN evaluation model requirements.
A MPA evaluation framework based on an IUCN evaluation model [1] is designed
to assess the effectiveness of a MPA in protecting a migratory right whale.
Case study results indicate that current management and research activities
for the Grand Manan conservation area address most governance, biophysical
and socio-economic issues under an IUCN evaluation framework. On a site
basis, it is recommended that the Grand Manan conservation area be
designated as a component of the Canadian network of MPAs and that
regulations be developed and implemented under the Species at Risk Act to
clearly define activities considered damaging or destructive to right whale
critical habitat. Recommendations also suggest the preparation of a combined
site management-action plan for the Grand Manan conservation area indicating
how activities specified in North Atlantic Right Whale Recovery Strategy
will be implemented locally. On a regional and international basis,
recommendations call for an internationally coordinated and integrated
approach to right whale protection within the context of a network of
designated critical habitat areas. Recommended activities include: continued
Canadian participation in cross-border research and actions to mitigate
threats to the right whales over their migratory range; development of a
regional right whale management and monitoring strategy; and designation of
additional critical habitats in national/international waters. It is further
recommended that the evaluation framework developed by this paper be used as
a model in assessing the conservation and management effectiveness of MPAs
protecting other migratory marine species.




North Atlantic Right Whale, Eubalaena glacialis, Marine Protected Area,
Grand Manan Basin whale sanctuary







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