[MARMAM] New publication concerning growth rates and maternal investment in fur seals

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I wish to note the availability of one recent publication concerning
Growth rates and maternal investment in Fur seals.  Abstract appear
below and the paper is available at:


Growth rates and differential investment in male and female Juan
Fernandez fur seal pups


Instituto de Ecologı´a y Evolucio´n, Universidad Austral de Chile,
Casilla 567, Valdivia, Chile (LPO, CAM)
Marine Mammal Research Unit, Fisheries Centre, Room 247, 2202 Main
Mall, AERL, University of British Columbia,
Vancouver, British Columbia V6T 1Z4, Canada (AWT)
* Correspondent: laylaosman at gmail.com

Male Juan Ferna´ndez fur seals (Arctocephalus philippii) are
significantly larger than females at birth and show
extreme dimorphism as adults. We investigated morphological
differences among male and female pups using a
cross-sectional sampling design to evaluate whether pup growth rates
were sex-specific during the breeding
season. We characterized growth rates using mass, length, and girth
and found that length was the least variable
measure of body growth (based on the coefficients of variation for the
3 measures of body size). Male pups were
heavier on average than female pups on any given day of sampling but
did not grow faster than females. No
significant differences were noted in the body conditions of male and
female pups. These findings suggest that
the sexual differences among pups of A. philippii originate before
birth and are not accentuated while suckling
during the breeding season. DOI: 10.1644/09-MAMM-A-197.1.

Key words: Arctocephalus philippii, Juan Ferna´ndez Archipelago, Juan
Ferna´ndez fur seals, maternal investment, pup
growth rates, sexual dimorphism, sexual variatio

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