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Dear MARMAMers,
  Over the years I have accumulated duplicate copies of many marine mammal 
books and monographs.  I am making these available to my colleagues for 
reasonable prices.  All money raised will go to a good cause - it will be 
donated to conservation of the Critically Endangered vaquita (Phocoena sinus).
  Most books are in good shape, and unless indicated all are originals (no 
photocopies).  Below is a small sample of the several dozen books that are 
available.  Please contact me at sclymene at aol.com for a copy of the entire 

ANDERSEN, H. T. (ed.).  1969.  The Biology of Marine Mammals.  Academic 
Press, 511 pp.  $55.

ANDREWS, R. C.  1911.  A new porpoise from Japan.  Bulletin of the American 
Museum of Natural History 30:31-51.  $13.

ANDREWS, R. C.  1914.  Monographs of the Pacific Cetacea. I.- The 
California gray whale (Rhachiantectes glaucus Cope).  Memoirs of the American Museum 
of Natural History 1:229-287.  $150.

BROWNELL, R. L. and G. P. DONOVAN (ed.).  1988.  Biology of the Genus 
Cephalorhynchus.  Reports of the International Whaling Commission,  344 pp.  $60.

BUSNEL, R. G. (ed.).  1966.  Animal Sonar Systems - Biology and Bionics, 
Volume 1.  Laboratoire de Physiologie Acoustique, Jouy-en-Josas 78, France,  
713 pp.  $40.

DOMNING, D. P.  1978.  Sirenian evolution in the North Pacific Ocean.  
University of California Publications in Geological Sciences 118:176 pp.  $70.

FLOWER, W. H. (ed.).  1866.  Recent Memoirs on the Cetacea by Professors 
Eschricht, Reinhardt and Lilljeborg.  Ray Society, London,  312 pp. + plates.  

HERSHKOVITZ, P.  1966.  Catalog of living whales.  Bulletin of the United 
States National Museum 246:259 pp.  $15.

KELLOGG, R.  1955.  Three Miocene porpoises from the Calvert Cliffs, 
Maryland.  Proceedings of the United States National Museum 105:101-154.  $20.

LEATHERWOOD, S., D. K. CALDWELL and H. E. WINN.  1976.  Whales, dolphins, 
and porpoises of the western North Atlantic: a guide to their 
identification.  NOAA Technical Report NMFS Circular 396:176 pp.  $15.

LEATHERWOOD, S., B. S. STEWART and P. A. FOLKENS.  1987.  Cetaceans of the 
Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary.  NMFS and CINMS,  66 pp.  $12.

MILLER, G. S.  1929.  The gums of the porpoise Phocoenoides dalli (True).  
Proceedings of the United States National Museum 74:1-4.  $10.

MITCHELL, E. (ed.).  1975.  Review of biology and fisheries for smaller 
cetaceans (special issue).   Journal of the Fisheries Research Board of Canada 
32:879-1242.  $20.

MORZER BRUYNS, W. F. J.  1971.  Field Guide of Whales and Dolphins.  
Uitgeverij Tor,  258 pp.  $35.

PETERSON, R. S. and G. A. BARTHOLOMEW.  1967.  The natural history and 
behavior of the California sea lion.  American Society of Mammalogists, Special 
Publication 1:79 pp.  $13.

WOOD, F. G.  1973.  Marine Mammals and Man: The Navy's Porpoises and Sea 
Lions.  Luce,  264 pp.  $10.

ZHOU, K. and ZHANG XINGDUAN.  1991.  Baiji: The Yangtze River Dolphin and 
Other Endangered Animals of China.  Stonewall Press,  132 pp. $12.

Best wishes,
Thomas A. Jefferson, Ph.D.
Clymene Enterprises / Cetos Research Organization
5495 Camino Playa Malaga
San Diego, CA 92124
Tel.  (858) 278-4240
Email: sclymene at aol.com
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