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Tue Oct 12 08:26:36 PDT 2010

Dear all,

 this an announcement for the full day
workshop "Monitoring programs to
mitigate anthropogenic effects” taking place on the 24th October
2010 during the XIV Working Meeting of Experts on Marine Mammals of South
America (www.rt2010brasil.com). This workshop is being
organized The Foundation Aquatic Mammals (Brazil) in conjunction with SMRU Ltd (UK).


The workshop will focus on monitoring programs
designed to inform mitigation to minimise anthropogenic effects, with special
emphasis on work carried out in South America. The 1-day workshop is structured
in 3 sessions: i) overview of the reasons why marine mammals need to be
monitored (legislation, management, conservation) ii) case studies of
monitoring programmes primarily from South America but also the USA and UK; and
iii) talks and discussion on the issues and challenges for the future.

The workshop will be bilingual
(English-Portuguese) to facilitate communication between all participants.
Participants are requested to complete the registration form and return
to Cláudia Faustino, cf at smru.co.uk.

Spaces are limited. There is an entrance fee
for the workshop. The cost of the workshop is R$60 for the full day and will be
collected on the day.



Cláudia Faustino

Research Scientist

Project Leader – South America

email: cf at smru.co.uk




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