[MARMAM] Industrial Research Chairs in Marine Animal Tracking

hwhitehe at Dal.Ca hwhitehe at Dal.Ca
Tue Oct 12 10:12:23 PDT 2010

Dalhousie University, Faculty of Science, Department of Biology. The 
Department of Biology at Dalhousie University (http://biology.dal.ca) is 
accepting applications for two Industrial Research Chairs, a Senior and an 
Associate Chair, both to work in collaboration with AMIRIX-VEMCO 
(http://www.vemco.ca). The successful candidates will be expected to go 
through the proposal and peer review process run by NSERC 
PCI_eng.asp). The appointment of a Senior Chair will be at the tenured, full 
Professor level; the appointment of an Associate Chair will be at the 
probationary tenure-track Assistant or Associate Professor level. A PhD is 
required for both positions. The successful candidate for the Senior Chair 
will be an internationally recognized, outstanding scientist with demonstrated 
success in research, graduate training and undergraduate teaching, as well 
as in service to the academic community. The successful candidate for the 
Associate Chair will be a scientist with demonstrated potential to become an 
internationally recognized and outstanding scientist. One of the 
appointments is for a FIELD-ORIENTED MARINE BIOLOGIST with 
expertise and interest in the use of acoustic tracking, telemetry and bio-
logging approaches as a backbone for interdisciplinary studies linking 
organism condition, behaviour and other attributes with the environment. 
The other appointment is for a QUANTITATIVE ECOLOGIST with expertise 
and interest in advancing the analysis of electronic tracking data to assist in 
the understanding of marine animal movement patterns, behaviour, and 
distribution in conservation and resource management contexts. For more 
information, see:

Posted by Hal Whitehead, Dalhousie University

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