[MARMAM] Acoustic Analysis Help

Ashley Duquette amd82886 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 19:46:42 PDT 2010

Dear MARMAM folks,
      I am a graduate student hoping to defend my masters thesis next
spring/summer. My research requires that I analyze about 1100 hours of
acoustic data that I collected using hydrophones secured within crab
pots.  I have tried my hand at RAVEN and XBAT and all I have learned
is that I am not quite as computer savvy as I once thought. If any of
you have any advice on working these programs or other programs that
can scan these recordings for me, please let me know. Any and all help
is incredibly welcome and appreciated.
     I am scanning the recordings (each is 50 minutes long) for
dolphin whistles and echolocation.  For the echolocation, I do not
need the exact number of clicks but the length and number of click
trains.   Again, any and all advice/help would be most appreciated
(especially by my sanity).  If you have any questions about the
project or goals, feel free to email me as well.

Please send responses and/or questions  to amd82886 at gmail.com
Ashley Duquette

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