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I would like to inform you a new article about blood gas analysis in Pacific white-sided dolphin. Please request pdf copy to ohizumi at scc.u-tokai.ac.jp.

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Effect of Breath-Hold on Blood Gas Analysis in Captive Pacific White-Sided Dolphins (Lagenorhynchus obliquidens).
F. Terasawa, H. Ohizumi and I. Ohshita. 2010. The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science, 72(9), 1221-1224.

The effect of a breath-hold on blood gas was evaluated in captive Pacific white-sided dolphins (Lagenorhynchus obliquidens). Serial blood collections were performed from a vessel on the ventral surface of the flukes during breath-hold. In total, 178 blood samples were taken from three dolphins for five trials in each animal. During a breath-hold, partial pressure of oxygen (Po2) decreased from 152.5 to 21.8 mmHg and partial pressure of carbon dioxide (Po2) conversely increased from 31.8 to 83.6 mmHg. The range of pH was 7.54 to 7.25, suggesting drastic change from alkalemia to acidemia. These wide ranges of blood gas imply a considerable change of oxygen affinity caused by the Bohr effect during breath-hold, which enable effective uptake and distribution of oxygen to metabolizing tissues.

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