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Dear Marmams,

I would like to announce the following article:

*Growth curve of free-ranging Trichechus ** inunguis

The objective of this work was to describe growth curves for free-ranging
Amazonian manatees in Brazil. Data analyzed included age estimates and
biometrics from 60 Amazonian manatees (33 males and 27 females) captured
between 1993 and 2006 by local residents of the mid-Solimões and Pirativa
rivers, in Amazonia, and collected by the Instituto de Desenvolvimento
Sustentável Mamirauá and Centro Nacional de Conservação e Manejo de
Mamíferos Aquáticos/ICMBio. The non-linear mathematical model used to
analyze the data was the von Bertalanffy's equation; two growth curves were
calculated, one for males L(t)male = 299.4[1–e-0.0897507(t+6.55696)], and
one for females L(t)male = 256.1[1–e-0.23731(t+ 3.01921)]. Based on these
equations, length at birth for the Amazonian manatee is estimated at 133.2
cm (average = 113.0 cm; SD = 34.4 cm) for males, and 131.0 cm (average =
124.7 cm; SD = 22.0 cm) for females. Among the males, the annual growth rate
was 0.09 cm (95% CI: ± 0.002), with a maximum length of 299.4 cm (95% CI: ±
2.039), while females presented a growth rate of 0.24 cm per year (95% CI: ±
0.004), reaching up to 256.1 cm (95% CI: ± 0.4832) of total length. Even
though von Bertalanffy's equation is not commonly used for sirenians, and
considering that when previously applied it did not obtain satisfactory
results, in this study it proved adequate for the establishment of the
growth curve for free-ranging Amazonian manatees.*

how to quote this paper*
Vergara-Parente, J. E.; Parente, C. L.; Marmontel, M.; Silva, J. C. R. and
Sá, F. B. Growth curve of free-ranging *Trichechus ** inunguis *. *Biota
Neotrop. * Jul/Sep 2010 vol. 10, no. 3
ISSN 1676-0603.

Best regards,

Cristiano Leite Parente
Engenheiro de Pesca, DSc
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